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LA-DA Tour Helping Single Seniors with Actress and 2019 Ms. Senior California America Finalist, Corinne Rogan

You are passionate about helping Seniors. Tell us about your new initiative LA-DA.

LA-DA stands for Live Alone, Die Alone.

•YES, I wish I could sing, “Oh the stories I could tell”. -Sometimes In my commentary, some may notice, I may seem a lil 2 blunt for some. I’m into the truth-hold on.


•I care about Seniors bc I am one. I’m a SENIOR who has been alone most of my life.

•Was Never THE cool girl in High School, Even today, as a Senior, I’ve Joined local Chambers of Commerce and have been snubbed by fellow members, TWICE, in the last decade. Not to mention, a *best friend* since 02/04/80, knocked me over with her BETRAYAL in 2019. When I found out, I told her to call my mother as she too was now in her club.

•Yes, I will have to nuture my own garden.

•Never been married,

•no kids,

•no exes.

•Had to carve out my own niche.

•NOW, NO 4 brothers, 2 sisters, misunderstood mother!

•It’s a blessing & a curse.


•CMR-Almost 67 years old, I haven’t spent a holiday or a celebration with anyone, loved one or a “fly by” friend in several years. Always alone.

•-I hear my family hates me, not only that.

•-I have too many more fingers than friends that I can count on my hands.

•-So, I’m pretty convinced I heard a voice in my head that said “Miss Rogan, “Live Alone Die Alone”

-LA-DA(sing it, like Tah-DAH!!)

-CMR-Yep. That sux, but hey-I developed MY NEW PLAN for people like me

“YA KNOW, Don’t Worry, be happy. Figure it out. Solve that problem, you’ll B much happier.”

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You ran for Ms. Senior California 2019 and made a revelation. Share your experience.

Yes, I made a revelation for & about TBI Survivors. I am proud to be a 2019 Finalist for Ms. Senior California of America. My realization set me free. It was my platform and the reason I competed. Here’s MY “Cinderella Story”

Why does this mean so much to you and what do you hope to gain from your tour?

There R many single seniors. I was devastated 4 years about my family & friends deserting me. I’m seeing the forest for the trees.

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How can people follow you during your journey in August?

LA-DA Tour2020


Traveling via AMTRAK


I’m corinnerogan on most social media-missrogan on Twitter.

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I am a Celebrity Writer and Publicist from LA.

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